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90 Day Fiance bringing Angela Deem Back is causing uproar

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Angela Deem has been causing no end of controversy since the 90 day fiance before the 90 day tell all was aired last Sunday. The internet has been going on meltdown.

Now we have just been given a new trailer for the new season of 90 day fiance which now shows Angela is in the new show.

There is a petition doing the rounds to ask TLC to cut out Angela from the new season.


People are not happy, a lot of the fans were looking forward to the new season of 90 day fiance a lot of them are now saying they won’t watch.

Maybe this is what TLC are wanting thought, maybe setting up the tell all in the way they did was just to dramatise the new season of 90 day fiance. We do hear from other cast members about what has happened and we are getting tit bits from everyone but no one has openly came out on a blog or news outlet and stated this is exactly what happened during the tell all.

Maybe it is because they all signed NDAs, maybe they knew this was what was happening, maybe they wanted to help TLC in promoting the new season of 90 day fiance. This is just my opinion, we will probably never find out the truth.

When all is said and done this was a good piece of advertising for TLC and 90 day fiance because for the best part of a week nobody has been talking about anything else apart from Angela. They probably know that the fans will watch the show anyway. Usually the only way to hit TLC where it hurts is in the ratings.

They have an awful lot of fans out there for all their shows and if the fans turned off in droves they would know they have done wrong. Sadly I can’t see this happening as I think the majority of fans will tune in just to see what happens.

Drop a comment below and let us know what you think about Angela appearing on 90 day fiance!

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