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90 Day Fiance Tell All – What really happened!

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90 Day Fiance Before the 90 days tell all

We have all being talking about the tell all for the last few days since it has aired on Monday night. Twitter exploded with lots of comments about Angela and what she done. Supposedly they didn’t air everything that happened according to Avery and Rebecca. There was physical confrontations that wasn’t aired on the show.

Not airing that footage is understandable on TLC’s part only if they want Angela on another rendition of 90 day fiance franchise. There have been a number of the shows stars post on both twitter and instagram about the incident and what happened from their point of view.

We have reached out to a few of the stars of the show to comment on their own stories and write an article about their trials and tribulations throughout their Journey on 90 day fiance before the 90 days. We will let you know if any of them will be posting their own experience.

Looking through social media there seems to be a consensus that TLC asked the cast to stir up some drama and make different points. This seems to be where everything started. Both Tim and Avery started asking Jesse why he was there. Both Tim and Avery, I don’t think, done anything wrong here. They were stating their point but not raising their voices and shouting and didn’t use any profanities.


It was only when Angela came in that things erupted. What Angela perceived as bully was nothing more that 2 people expressing their opinions, I didn’t see any attack it was more of a discussion on why Jesse was there and both sides got their point across.

Angela came in like a bull in a china shop and perceived something as bully that was not there. I am still in two minds on whether Angela done this off her own back or whether she was pushed into this situation. Either way I don’t excuse her behaviour as it was well over the top and shouldn’t have descended into the chaos that happened.

For TLC this was nothing but a Ratings booster for them, As soon as the show aired Social media went mental. Everyone was talking about the show which is only good for TLC.

As an avid fan of the show I would like to hear from the stars of the show on what their experience was in their own words. Watching the show as it airs only shows you one part of the story. I would love a full expose from the cast themselves to tell us what happened and how they felt in their own words. This would be a great insight into what actually happened and not what happened for TV.

Fans of the Shows are looking for any tit bit of what actually happened on the show. We want to hear it from the starts of the show and want to know what happened from everyone’s perspective. We will try and get to the truth about what happened not just what TLC want us to know. Stay tuned and we will keep you updated when we hear from the stars themselves.

We are trying to collaborate everything from twitter, insta and facebook. The fall out from this tell all has been huge. If you have any thoughts on the 90 day fiance before the 90 days tell all drop us a comment below.

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