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ABBA Reunite – This is not FAKE NEWS This is REAL!!!

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OMG who would have believed it. It has finally happened!! After years and years of trying ABBA are officially reuniting and releasing new songs!!

Why now? Who knows and who cares as long as they release and tour this will be a historic event all over the world. When people think of ABBA it takes them back to their younger years. They remember all the songs! They remember all the lyrics.

One quick fire way to get a dancefloor full is to play an ABBA song. Whether you are 18 or 68 you will always know their songs. People have been begging them for years to do more. People have offered them more money than you can imagine and until now they have turned everything down. Now however they have decided it is time to do more.

I for one am totally behind this and guarantee you I will be first in line if they do go on tour. I will also be first in line for their new songs, the world over there will be queues for miles to try and be the first to get the releases.

Any other news that comes through we will do up another post. I don’t think you can have enough posts about ABBA but remember to make sure you get all the information about when their music is out.

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