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Bliss is a Sky Atlantic Original TV series starring Heather Graham, Stephen Mangan and Jo Hartley.

The show is about a man who has 2 families, He is also a ” travel writer ” this is how he can juggle both families telling them that he has to go to another destination when he is actually with his other family.

The show starts out as if he is a bigamist but we later find out that he is only really married to one of the women.

The show takes us through all the rigmarole of him trying to juggle both families and try and keep himself sane. This is one of these comedy shows where you are actually rooting for him not to get caught.

There has been a few episodes that have already aired on Sky Atlantic. If you are looking for a light hearted comedy that will keep you on the edge of your seat on whether he will get caught or not then you should give this show a go.

Bliss Airs on Sky Atlantic Every Wednesday at 10pm

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