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Corona Virus – Covid 19 – What is happening with blind panic?

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Covid 19 has now been around for 3 months and the spread is still growing in every country throughout the world. There are people that are panic buying, there are people that are self isolating. What is really happening with the Corona Virus?

Italy has now shut down travel throughout their cities with the threat of 3 months in prison if you break these rules. They are now in a state where over 9000 people are infected and they are trying to stop the spread throughout the country.

In the UK people are panic buying toilet roll, hand sanitizer and soap. For the first time in history people are now actively washing their hands 🙂

Usually when this sort of thing happens their is an ulterior motive, We have been trying to look between the lines and find out what the government is hiding. I am sure it will become apparent.

There is nothing else on the news at the moment apart from the covid 19 virus and what is happening, how many people have it and how it is spreading left, right and centre.

Both Twitter and Facebook are blowing up with memes of people hoarding toilet rolls. Why toilet rolls I don’t know.

I think the time has come for the UK to close their borders, stop the spread of this virus and keep all our old and vulnerable people safe.

As always this is one mans opinion.

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