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Frayed Episode 1 review

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Frayed Tv show Episode 1

Frayed is an Australian British Comedy Show, It is written by the award winning Australian Comedian Sarah Kendall and Stars Sarah Kendall, Trystan Go and Frazer Hadfield.

Frayed is about a wealthy housewife who currently lives in London. Her husband has just died and she has no money and has to return to her hometown in Newcastle, Australia.

At first I wasn’t too sure about the show. The write up that I read online didn’t fill me with confidence. The first episode is setting up for future episodes and introduces all the characters nicely.

As I have lived in Australia for over 7 years I feel that I could understand the humour a bit better. There was quite a few laughs in the first episode and I am actually looking forward to watching the rest of the show.

Frazer Hadfield puts in a good performance and I enjoy watching the 2 younger ones trying to adapt to life in Australia compared to British life. It is quite a culture shock having to adapt to the heat of Australia compared to the coldness of Britain.

Frazer Hadfield in Frayed
From https://twitter.com/frazerhadfield

A lot of the Australian characters are exactly what I would expect to see, they are over the top and exactly like a lot of Australians I know 🙂 I hope to watch the next episodes over the coming days and will post an updated review of the show when I finish it.

I was looking for a show that would replace my Kath and Kim fixation so hopefully this pans out and can be another show on my Australian watch list.

What did you think of Frayed? Drop a comment below.

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