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Is it Coming Home or are They Coming Home?

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This is all I am hearing from England fans around the interweb. The feeling that the world cup might be coming home. As a Scotland fan I might be excused or thinking I have heard all this before. It seems that every world cup when England qualify through the group stages of the world cup the cup is coming home.

Coming from a totally neutral point of view, by neutral I mean I don’t care who beats england 🙂 I really can’t see this team lifting the world cup. Yes they have some decent players but World Cup Winner? I don’t think so.

Every World Cup England have supposed world beaters on their team, or so I have been hearing, However every world cup comes and goes and still England are no further forward to bringing the trophy home.

A lot of you might say that this is the bitternes of a scotland fan becuase we haven’t made the world cup in many, MANY years but to be fair we are used to it now, we don’t expect to make the world cup or european championships as we are just not good enough. WE know this and at least we can admit this.

For the last 52 years I have had to put up with england fans that have gloated about winning the world cup 52 years ago. Year in Year out. When the world cup comes rough it just gets worse.

I have to sit and listen to the dribble that comes out the mouth of the english commentators, It has even leaked into my early morning viewing on the likes of This Morning where they go on about the football non stop. Don’t these people know that there is more news worthy stories out there and not everyone wants to know that england is the greatest at football, or think they are.

Lets be fair they qualified second from a fairly easy group. They got beat off Belgium, you may say they didn’t have their full team playing, but lets be fair neither did Belgium. Now they are in the quarter finals against Sweden. Is this a tougher test, maybe.

If England somehow manage to get through to the semi final of the world cup I am sure things will get a lot worse for us sorry Scotland fans. I am sure time will tell. I for one will be glad when it is all over as this barrage of propaganda that is all over my television is getting a bit dull.

My prediction for this World Cup Quarter Final Game is Sweden 3 England 2 unfortunately I don’t think this is the year that it is coming home. I think it will be a quarter final exit and there will be all the usual we were robbed, the ref’s a cheat, Sweden cheated us out of it or something along those lines.

As ever this is just One Man’s Opinion.

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