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Love Island Australia – Cassie & Josh

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Love Island Australia Season 2 Episode 16

I could see this coming for a long time. Cassie & Josh just aren’t compatible. I was surprised that he chose Cassie when he came back into the villa without the bomb squad.

Now Cassie tells him that she wants to be able to go out with her friends until 6am. That is all fine and well but it is about respect. I can understand Josh’s point of view that he doesn’t want that sort of life anymore. He wants to settle down and by the looks of things Cassie doesn’t.

When Love Island started Cassie was about the only one I liked. Now we are almost 3 weeks in she is totally not my favourite. It is amazing how someone can look nice on the outside but once you get to know them things change and you don’t find them attractive anymore.

I think Cassie is just in the show for the fame of it. I don’t think she is looking for that perfect person to share her life. She wants more insta followers and more fame. She isn’t ready to settle down like Josh is.

The majority of the cast of the show are in it for the fame of the show, I understand that but there are a select few on these sort of shows that are actually looking for love.

What do you think of Cassie & Josh are they both in it for the right reasons? Drop a comment below

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