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Love Island Australia – Episode 16 – Last Nights Episode

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Love Island Australia Season 2 Episode 16

Love Island Australia doesn’t disappoint,I had sort of see a lot on twitter about this episode and was deliberately trying to stay off twitter, I know it’s virtually impossible. Anyway I though this episode was going to be a good one.

We started off with a lot of the drama of the night before. We knew there was going to be a social media game that everyone would find out what the Australian public really thought of them all, we will get into this later.

Cartier and Adam came back from the hideaway, Still don’t know how I feel about these 2 sometimes I think they are a cute couple and other times I think yuck I can’t stand them. Adam is funny but I think there is something about Cartier that I don’t like, I can’t put my finger on it.

We are then shown the full extent of the differences between the boys and girls. When Adam and Cartier come back from the hideaway they are dragged away by their respective peers. The Girls go into full in depth discussions on how when boys stare at you they mean I love you and the all go all girly and think Adam and Cartier staring at each other is cute and proceed to ask thousands of questions, Adam on the other hand gets asked how did it go, to which he replies it was good. We spent some time together and talked, the reply he gets is ” that’s cool ” and a few grunts. typical lol

We then go onto the social media game, When I watch a Show like Love Island Australia I expect them to these sort of games where they hear tweets from the outside world. I always feel they don’t do it to my satisfaction thought. Where do they get these tweets?

We are going through the Game and both Cassie and Anna discover tweets about their respective partners are going to hurt them. Cassie gets a sorry but isabelle is better with Luke and Anna gets that she is falling hard and is going to get her heart broken. That was the main jist of the game. It seems to me that the try and focus on a couple of people in these games and then that’s it. If they are going to give them some sort of insight into the outside world they should blow the whole villa apart and tell them through these tweets what the Australian public really think of them, I mean not even 1 mention of Eoghan, really???

Now all the frivolity of the game is out the way we now really get down to business when everyone finds out there is going to be a dumping tonight. You would think that it was one of the girls to go as there is too many of them but they drop a bomshell that the OG girls have the power. All the couples couple up and it leaves Matt and Eoghan. Eoghan has a temper tantrum that he is going anyway and they don’t need to vote. It ends up the remaining bomb squad girls choose to send Eoghan Home. I couldn’t have chosen a more suitable end. It is like Love Island AU set it up so that they had to send him home but who knows.

I now know that I can safely watch tonights episode without having to listen or look at the Irishman again. There is a silver lining on everything.

Over to you what did you think on Last Nights Episode? Drop a message in the comments below

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