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Love Island Australia – Second Season Still as good as the first?

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Love Island Australia Season 2 Episode 16

Well After the initial first season of Love Island Australia everyone was talking about it. I watched the first season religiously as I thought it was so much better than Love Island UK. There was more twists, more people I loved and hated and just more controversay all around.

A lot of the Love Island UK cast I didn’t like and couldn’t get into. Love island Australia is a lot more relatable, the cast are funnier and you get behind the characters that you like. It could be because I stayed in Australia for over 7 years and know what like the Australians are. They are open about everything, say hello to an Australian and you will get there whole life story within the next 30 minutes.

cynthia love island australia

The cast this year seem to be similar to last year. There are now the original group of girls and boys. This year hasn’t really been a let down. So far this year we have had a same sex coupling, friendship couplings, girl and boy swapping, more or less everything you would expect.

Let’s start with the same sex coupling. This I wasn’t too convinced with. It was between Cassie Lansdell and Phoebe Thompson. This made Love Island history as the first same sex Coupling. Phoebe got giving the first choice to couple up and she chose Cassie. They said there was a spark between them. I wasn’t really convinced. I am sure that Cassie went along with this just to stay in the Villa. I never seen them kiss and I couldn’t see a connection between them at all.

The next day 2 new boys, Twins no less came into the villa and Cassie was all over them right from the outset. This made me think that she really wasn’t into Phoebe at all.

We have now moved on and Phoebe got dumped from the villa. Cassie is still there and with one of the twins she was all over when they first came into the villa.

We also had a seperation from the OG Girls. They were moved into the hideaway for 3 days while 5 new girls called the bomb squad were moved into the main house to tempt the boys. Usually when this happens there is a lot of boys that are tempted and dump their OG’s

One of the people I cannot stand in this show is Eoghan, He is of Irish desent. When he first arrived in the Villa all the girls thought he was good looking and almost all of them swooned over him. I just couldn’t understand why. I just didn’t see what they were seeing. Now we are a couple of weeks into the show he doesn’t really have a personality. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him, He steals his best mates girls and rubs it in their face. This bloke does have a set of Kahoonas on him.

adam and cartier Love island australia

Now we are going into a new week of Love Island Australia and we are sure there will be more twists and turns this week. You can stay tuned to love Island Australia on ITV2.

Have you been watching Love Island Australia? Let us know your thoughts on the show in the comments below.

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