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Love Island Australia – Who do you want to win?

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Well we can now all vote for who we want to win love Island Australia 2019

The couples have changed quite a few times this year, it makes me think that a lot of these people aren’t really in it for love, they are just looking to make the final and win the money.

I highly doubt any of these couples will stay together on the outside. The majority of them want the money and the fame on Instagram.

Last years love Island Australia was more believable than all the fake people I have watched this year.

To me it looks like the producers of the show are wanting Matt & Cartier to win the show, they seem to be promoting them more.

Wasn’t it just like 10 days ago Cartier was in love with Adam?? Now we are supposed to believe that she is in love with Matt and deserves to win?

My ideal situation would be that Matt & Cartier win the show and then when Matt is asked if he wants to share the prize money he says no lol

I think that would be the funniest outcome of a show that you are meant to find love in and then it backfires. Whether the producers of the show will allow this I don’t think so.

Everyone that watches Love Island Australia seems to think they are in control of the show and they vote in their thousands, however the producers are really in control and if they don’t like the outcome they will change it.

That being said we have stuck with the show for 6 weeks and have to see it out now. So who do you think should win the show and what would your ideal outcome be? Drop a comment in the comments below.

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