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Russian Spy Poisoning

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This Russian Spy Poisoning really is beyond a joke. We have the prime minister trying to attack Russia without any proof whatsoever. We have her all over the news saying that Russia should apologise or admit they done it. She has Kicked out the Russian Ministers and is now saying that we need to put sanctions on Russia. Really?

We have Brexit negotiations going on, Our homeless numbers are going through the roof. The Telford incident is being swept under the carpet again. Is there not more important things that our PM should be doing instead of Picking a fight with a super power that she is not going to win no matter what she does.

This all screams to me like a baby throwing her dummy out the pram. I think she is focusing on the wrong fight. We need to be concentrating on what is happening at home first. She is trying to deflect on all the issues that her government aren’t responding to.

There is so much that is wrong with this country at the moment and she needs to concentrate firstly on how to fix our country before she starts picking fights with other countries.

Did Russia Poison these people? There is no proof of this and our prime minister should not be going after other countries. MPs are saying that it is highly likely that Russia done this but since when in our legal system can you go around and say You highly likely committed this crime so we are going to arrest you. Our country is built on innocent until proven guilty so surely the PM should lead by example? Either get some proof before you start throwing accusations around or don’t do it, end of.

The PM should be doing what she is paid for and that is fixing our country, getting the best brexit deal and running the country. There is no need for her to be throwing around wild accusations without any proof unless she is trying to deflect from the real story, something really is a miss here.

As always this is one man’s opinion. If you agree or disagree let us know in the comments below.

Image from http://www.metro.co.uk

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