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Shinobi Ninja – What if Times

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I have just been sent the new video from Shinobi Ninja entitled “What if Times” To be honest when I read their profile about being a rock band I thought this wouldn’t be my cup of tea. I used to be into rock bands back in the 80s when the likes of Megadeath, Guns ‘n Roses, Tesla etc were in their hey day. Recently though I haven’t found anything that I would listen to.

Shinobi Ninja’s New Video and song caught me a little by surprise. They have a very catchy vibe and the song is something that I could actually listen to. The lyrics hit a note with me and it does make you think. The state the world is in at the moment what if times don’t get better?

I like the way the music is intermixed with both harmonies and rap it brings a slightly different element to any of the new music that I have been listening to recently. This band seems to be a breathe of fresh air in the music industry. At the moment you have a lot of people coming through from shows like the x factor, which in my opinion has killed a lot of the music industry. We are not getting any truly unique music acts coming through. We are getting the same old pop acts that are being groomed through these shows to come out and make the companies a lot of money. This isn’t something you get from an band like Shinobi Ninja.

For once I am glad that there seems to be some good music coming out from different avenues and there is still people involved that makes it all about the music.

If you are wanting to have a listen to Shinobi Ninja then I have attached their new video to their post. I would also suggest you go through their youtube videos and subscribe to their channel here https://t.co/FP3QFhnGxm

You can also check out their other links below

Music Video – https://t.co/dg8rut6Jxw
On Itunes – https://t.co/fcgaIRlDV8
On Spotify – https://t.co/Nuy9le5dgp

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