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Strictly Come Dancing – Halloween Week

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We are now into Halloween week in Strictly Come Dancing, The Dancing Show where professional dancers are teamed up with celebrities and they all compete against each other to win the competition. Each week 2 couples compete in a dance off and one of the celebrities and their dance partners are sent home based on the judges vote of the dance off.

This week everyone put in a good show. I feel this year the standard of the dancing of the celebrities have improved greatly from previous years. My favourite to win the competition changes every week. This week was no different. The dance off this week was between Catherine Tyldesley and Mike Bushell.

After the public vote these 2 celebrities were voted the worst dances of the night. I don’t know if I am the only one, but I like Mike, I think he puts 100% effort in every week. I never really liked catherine in Coronation Street but did like her in Scarbourgh. Over the last couple of weeks I thought that Catherine was a little stiff on the dances and while everyone else has been improving I think that Catherine has hit a plateau.

There is a lot of talk all over twitter of strictly fans saying it is a fix because of the controversial decision to keep Mike Bushell in the competition. This is actually the first time that I have been watching that the judges have actually saved someone I have wanted them to. More often than not they always send the one I like home.

I am sure there is a lot of you out there that will disagree with me but each to their own. Next week I want the viscount to go. I have never really liked her as a dancer and don’t think she has improved at all. We will just have to wait until next saturday to see if we can get rid of another one that I don’t want there.

Now over to you, Who do you want to get sent home next week? Drop a comment below.

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