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So I have started watching The Crossing. I personally have been waiting for this show since it was announced. The show seemed to get delayed everytime it was due to air. Now though we have had 2 episodes and it is everything that I thought it would be.

This show looked like it was going to take over from the likes of the 4400. It seems though that it is taking this genre to a different element.  The long and short of the first couple of episodes is that in a small remote town a body washes up onshore and slowly more and more bodies appear.

There is around 500 people that have washed up in the water and out of those 500 people there are 47 survivors. When homeland security interviews them they all have the same story, They are from the year 2187 and they are escaping from a war where they are getting persecuted by the new goverment formed by a company called “Apex”.

We also learn that this isn’t the first bunch of people that have travelled back in time. There were people before them that has seemed to integrate into society without raising any flags. We don’t know at this point if the people that came before them are good or not but we do know that they have changed the future.

The small town sherriff, Jude Ellis, ( Played by Steve Zahn ) everntually teams up with Reece ( Played by Natalie Martinez ), whom we find out is an APEX agent from the future but has travelled back in time to protect her adopted daughter.

At this time after a couple of episodes it is difficult to say where this show will go but it has been a very good first couple of episodes.

The Crossing airs on Mondays at 10pm on ABC you can watch the trailer below.

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