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The Morning Show – Apple’s First Dip into The Online Streaming marketplace

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The Morning Show Trailer – Apple TV+

So, I have watched the first three episodes of The Morning Show. This is Apple’s first shot at the online streaming marketplace. I went into this show not knowing what to think. I had read a lot of online reviews about the show. Most of them weren’t that good.

With reports that Apple had spent $8 million per episode and with a huge cast of stars that is understandable. The Morning Show Boasts stars like Recce Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell to name a few. There are other large Characters in there too.

The Morning Show deals with some heavy topics, focussing on the metoo movement. The main actor in The Morning Show, Steve Carell, is sacked from his job as the lead anchor on The Morning Show due to Sexual Misconduct. After the first three episodes so far it doesn’t look like he has done anything criminal apart from sleep with some co-workers. We haven’t heard from one of the accusers yet so the jury is still out on this.

The show focuses on the fallout of the accusation on his co-anchor, Alex Levy ( Jennifer Aniston ) she has to go on air and apologise for her co-anchors actions.

There is also Reece Witherspoon, who is a rural new reporter who was video’d going head to head with a protestor at a coal rally and her video goes viral. This then projects her into the spotlight and with an interview with Alex Levy on The Morning Show.

This is where she goes into a whirlwind and gets thrust into the position of Co-Anchor on the morning show. We don’t want to give too much away about the storyline as The Morning Show is definitely worth a watch.

They cover a story that has been in the real headlines over the last couple of years, they take a look at the metoo movement from both sides of the divide. This Show makes you think about things from both the accusers point of view and from the accused. In one scene a random old woman screams at Mitch ( Steve Carell ) and calls him a rapist because she has seen he has been sacked from the show for sexual misconduct.

This is part of the show that makes you think that you can’t believe everything that you see on TV or read online. The public misconception about certain things are overwhelming.

The Morning Show makes you think about everything that gets put online and in the news shows. Every story is told from one perception of it.

The Morning Show try to deal with the consequences of the metoo movement and how it affects others surrounding the accused and how they handle the accusation. This was Jennifer Aniston’s big return to TV and I think she done a very good job. The show kept my interest throughout the show. It made me think about things and have conversations with people in between episodes.

If you are looking for a TV show that is interesting and slightly different from all the tv cop shows and thrillers then Apple Tv’s The Morning Show should be your next choice.

Apple Tv is $4.99 for a subscription and you can watch new episodes of The Morning Show every Friday.

Have you watched the Morning Show yet? Drop us a comment below and let us know what you think of the first few episodes.

  • The Morning Show - Apple TV+ image courtesy of finder.com.au

    The Morning Show – Episode 4 The Show just blew up!

    What do you think of the show? Read and comment on the article below. …
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