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The Morning Show – Episode 4 The Show just blew up!

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The morning show is a new Apple Original Production. They release the first 2 episodes on their streaming platform and are now releasing 1 episode every friday.

On Friday Episode 4 was released and boy did it not hold back. Bradley kicked off the morning show with a blatant outburst that her childhood wasn’t picture perfect and that she had an abortion age 15, This caused outrage with everyone in the studio as it meant that she turned the morning show, which is supposed to be impartial, to turn political. There is more on this later.

Bradley The morning Show Apple TV+
The Morning Show Season 1 | CR: Apple TV+ Image source ew.com

Watching the news after her big reveal Bradley sees that lots of high school kids have walked out on classes and there banner reads I stand with Bradley. It seems that the morning show is dealing with a lot of things that are in the public eye in the real world.

I really don’t know if this is going to be the storyline throughout the whole series and whether they are going to tackle a real world problem in every episode.

The episode then goes on to talk to the victim of Mitch’s abuse ( if you can call it abuse ) Bradley does the interview and you can see that she is going to push something that is not in the script. There is some underlying issue throughout the studio. It seems that everyone in the studio knew about what was going on with Mitch.

This episode has started to take a new turn in the show which at the moment I am loving. It is making people talk about the issues that the show brings up. This is the sort of show that will make people talk. It is hard hitting issues.

Later in the episode after they have done the interview, I can’t see how this is impartial television. They are only showing one side of the story unless they get an interview with Mitch then it is only a one sided story. There is no impartially in this segment. I am hoping that they tackle this in a later episode.

The morning Show Season 1 Episode 4 Apple TV+
The Morning Show Season 1 Episode 4 Image Source: em.com

Apple seem to have a diamond in the works. I was a bit sceptical about this show before it started but I am now hooked on it. The only drawback is that Apple are releasing the episodes a week at a time. I would have loved to binge watch this show in one go like you can on Netflix but so far so good.

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