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Toxic Twitter

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Toxic Twitter

There has been a number of protests outside the offices of twitter today. Women have said that they have had enough of the online abuse they get from trolls on twitter. Death Threats, Abuse, Threats of Violence. We no way condone any of this behaviour. At the end of the day twitter is an online website. They also have the ability to block people and stop receiving these messages.

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This doesn’t just happen to women, There are always keyboard warriors that will happily sit in their house and type what they want on the internet without much repercussions. This is not a twitter problem it is a problem with society. Why do these people feel that it is ok to go online and abuse people when they probably wouldn’t do the same in real life?

It is amazing what people do when they feel that they have a mask on, twitter and social media changes people, alot is posted on twitter that people wouldn’t normally do. These so called keyboard warriors or “trolls” think it is acceptable to go online and post abuse and then get on with their normal daily lives.

So what is the answer?

Firstly we need to educate these “trolls” What they are doing is totally unacceptable. In this society we have to live by a certain amount of rules and these do include your online presence. If you wouldn’t do something in the real world why is it acceptable in the online world.

As I have always said, Social Media can be a good thing but it will be the downfall of our society. It just goes to show how much it changes people. It is making our society a more closed off place. People post every last bit of their lives on social media. They doctor pictures to make their lives look better, they post photos of the food they eat, they post photos of their kids. There really is no need for everyone to see what you are doing on Social Media and I am sure if everyone was polled they won’t really care what you are doing either.

In this day and age we are all judged on how many likes a picture got or how many retweets our posts get. Shouldn’t we be worrying about more valued topics, Facebook and Twitter have been in the news as headline stories over the last couple of days when there has been more important news stories like the texas bombings, The telford atrocities, The fishermen in Brexit.

We should be getting our priorities in order. Social media is a platform to connect with friends not how we should live our lives.

As always this is One Man’s Opinion and everything I post is my opinion you can either agree or don’t.

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