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World on Fire – Review

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World on Fire is a BBC drama that has been capturing audiences for the last 6 weeks. It stars Sean Bean , Helen Hunt , Jonah Hauer-King , Julia Brown and Yrsa Daley-Ward

World on Fire centres around 3 different families and concentrates on how they are intermingled. The show jumps between Poland and England. It is an insight into how the war started and how it affected different people throughout its course.

We start off focusing on one of the main characters, Harry Chase ( Jonah Hauer-King ) Harry and his Girlfriend Lois Bennet ( Julia Brown ) are at a nazi rally, they start to sing a liberation song and proceed to get beaten up and arrested. We then mee harry’s mother and lois father who both are polar opposites.

Harry’s mother is an upperclass woman who thinks his protests are below his station and doesn’t like Lois as she is from a working class family.

Harry then get’s stationed in Poland just before the war fully breaks out. While he is in Poland he falls in love with a polish girl, Kasia Tomaszeski ( Zofia Wichlacz ) he then has to decide on whether to Marry Kasia to get her papers to leave the country even although he is still in love with Lois.

Harry decides to propose to Kasia and they then proceed to get married to get her the paperwork to leave Poland. When Harry is leaving he waits for her at the train station and she brings her brother to say good bye. Just as the train is leaving she puts her brother on the train instead of her and asks Harry to look after him.

This is now where all the drama begins. Kasi is left in Poland to protect her mother. Jan is going to England With Harry and Lois is signing up to go to war to sing for the troops.

Once Harry and Jan return to England they have to stay at his mothers house and she is shocked that he has brought home a 10 year old Polish boy. This starts her asking questions about why this boy? where did he come from?

Harry then joins the war effort as an officer and has to leave Jan in the hands of his mother. Not surprisingly they start to bond with each other, Jan’s English isn’t really that good and he has to go to an English school where he gets bullied by the other Kids. Robina, Harry’s Mother, then goes to the school and shouts at the other kids that are Bullying Jan and makes them understand that he is from Poland and Hates the Germans as much as they do.

This is by far one of the best British Drama’s that I have seen in a Long time. With a great cast of actors that deserve to be recognised for their work in this show. This is just a brief recap of what has happened so far. We have also posted the trailer to the show on the top of this post.

If you are interested in period dramas then this is the sort of show for you. Since it aired I have been glued to it and cannot wait for the last episode to see what eventually becomes of everyone.

World on Fire Concludes on Sunday At 9pm on BBC 1

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