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X-Factor Celebrity Live Shows Week 1 – Shock Factor instead of X Factor!

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Only one word can describe what I just watched and that is WOW. I cannot believe this is described as a signing competition when Simon Cowell just sent a real singer home and opted for Martin Bashir to proceed into the next week. His excuse was that he thought people would want to see Martin Bashir rather than Olivia Olson in the next week. Firstly Olivia can sing, Martin at best is a novelty act.

I think Simon Cowell has just put the nail in the coffin of the X-Factor. For many a year now I have been saying that the X-Factor has been the downfall of the music industry and this last act by Simon Cowell has just proved that. In saying this it is a competition and Simon wants one of his acts to win. In sending one of the strongest singers home he gives one of his acts a better chance of winning.

I have been reading all over twitter about people moaning and complaining about this decision. They said on the live show that #xfactor was trending on twitter. The main reason was that nobody could believe that Simon done this. There is many people that are saying they will never watch this again. I can understand the sentiment behind this.


To be fair I generally don’t watch the X-Factor. My interest was peaked because it was celebrities and I thought it might be worth a watch. I watched last weeks episode to find out who the so-called celebrities actually were. One of the ones that stood out was Olivia.

On the live show I think it was the song choice that let Olivia down. I definitely wouldn’t say that she was the worthly of a bottom 3 rating.

Simon Cowell had the deciding vote on whether to send Martin or Olivia home after the public voted to send Rikki Lake home. In a shock twist Simon said that he is Keeping Martin Bashir as he believes the public would want to watch him more than Olivia. I was sitting staring at the tele in complete shock. I couldn’t belive the train crash that I was actually watching. This show punts itself as a singin competition and instead of going for a singer Simon Decides to go for shock factor rather than x factor.

I highly doubt I will watch another episode of this show as it is clear that it is not about whether you can actually sing or not and more about creating a buzz about the show.

I think I will hand it over to you now. What do you think of the decision to send Olivia Olson home instead of Martin Bashir? Drop a comment below.

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